Sergey Smolentsev

Sergey Smolentsev obtained his Ph.D. in Thermophysics from Leningrad Polytechnic University (Russia) in 1990 and performed his postdoctoral study on instabilities in liquid metal flows at Ben Gurion University of Negev (Israel) under Prof. Branover. From 1990 he worked as Assistant/Associate Professor at the St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, and in 1998 joined the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as a researcher. Sergey served as task leader/coordinator/developer in various national and international projects on fusion blankets and Liquid Metal (LM) plasma-facing components, such as the Advanced Power Extraction Study (APEX, 1998-2003), ITER Test Blanket Module (2003-2012), US-JAPAN JUPITER/TITAN Collaboration on Liquid Breeders (2001-2012), US-INDIA Collaboration on LM MHD/Heat Transfer for PbLi blankets (2015-2017) and Fusion Engineering System Studies/Fusion Nuclear Science Facility in the US (2015-2019). As project leader in a collaboration with EUROfusion on blanket development (2015-2019), Sergey was responsible for the design and construction of the one-of-a-kind Magnetohydrodynamic PbLi Experiment (MaPLE) at UCLA. His research accomplishments have been published in more than 100 scientific articles, with an H-index of 31. Sergey is married and has 3 children.