Kazunobu Nagasaki


Kazunobu Nagasaki(長﨑 百伸)

Kazunobu Nagasaki(長﨑 百伸) earned his PhD in engineering in 1992 at Kyoto University, where he has been a professor since 2000 and a full professor since 2007. His research interests lie in the confinement, transport and stability of magnetically confined plasmas in tokamaks and stellarator/heliotron devices, the development of electron cyclotron resonance heating (ECH) and current drive system (ECCD), application of ECH/ECCD to plasmas, millimeter wave diagnostics such as radiometers, reflectometers and interferometers to measure the electron density and temperature profiles and their fluctuations, as well as optimization studies of stellarator/heliotron configurations. He conducts most of his experimental research on the Heliotron J device at Kyoto University. In 1998-99 he was a guest fellow at the Australian National University. He collaborates closely with the Large Helical Device (LHD) group at the National Institute for Fusion Science, where he has been a guest professor in 2011-12 and 2014-15.