Martin Kupp


Diane Ouandji

Diane Ouandji is the founder of Stratechno, a boutique consulting firm that helps companies leverage their data while protecting/securing them and complying with applicable laws. She is convinced that data can be used to provide services that better address the clients’ needs; cybersecurity and data protection are mandatory to ensure no harm comes to the company or its clients while exploiting those data. In 2006 she earned a double degree from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble (ENSIMAG) and from Université Joseph Fourier, with specializations in cryptology, coding and information security. Diane gained technical expertise through various positions held afterwards, and she added business knowledge through an Executive MBA program recently completed at ESCP Europe, through pro-bono services offered to not-for-profit organization and startup mentorship; while at the same time running Stratechno. She is also a lecturer at Université Paris 2 (Pantheon Assas) and ISCOM (a French private marketing and communication school). As a lecturer, her expertise lies in data protection, digital economy and cybersecurity strategic governance.