Collaboration on Geometry of plasma confinement in stellarators

We approach the problem of designing better stellarators (yielding better confinement, with simpler coils, capable of higher fields) by combining geometrical properties of magnetic field lines from the control perspective with shape optimization techniques. Partly supported by an INRIA “Action Exploratoire” grant.

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Collaboration on Technological spin-offs of fusion energy

Are you ready for a reboot of the Space Age spin-offs? We prioritize the potential spinoffs of fusion and of fusion-enabling technologies (HTS, liquid metals) according to market size, competitive advantage, risk profile, financial forecasts etc. We then develop a go-to-market strategy and business model for the chosen spinoffs. This is a 1-year, final International Consulting Project for the class of 2021 of the Executive MBA program ranked #7 in the world by the Financial Times.